Hi there! This is my story...

In 2012 I was battling the dreaded adult acne and eczema, I was given creams and ointments by dermatologist with ingredient lists so long I didn't understand what I was putting on my skin. Out of curiosity, I started researching ingredients (Thank you google) and was appalled to find that the majority of my skin care products were toxic and most likely making my skin worse. So my switch to organic and natural cosmetics happened over night, I threw all my toxic product in the trash and never looked back. 

At the time I began to search for organic makeup (this was 2012) and realized how little there really was, so I took my many years of art school (too many to count) and my years as a science major and put them to good use…I realized I would make a pretty good lipstick maker because in reality creating cosmetics is really an art! So to make a long story short, I discovered natures ingredients and detoxified my makeup routine, and a little later Glory Boon was born. 

We make all GB goodies small batch in beautiful New England. I'm inspired by the ever changing seasons, and so you'll see plenty of season inspired products, from summer to fall and winter. As the seasons change you'll find that our products will too. 

If you're looking for a safer alternative to your current makeup routine then you've come to the right place! Stay a while, look around and thanks for stopping by!